How do you sum up a year like this?

Like so many other organizations over the past 18 months, KidsAbility changed and adapted in ways we could never have imagined!  Yet, what remained unshakable was your commitment to the well-being of children, youth and families.

2021 -2021 | Gratitude Report

Thank You

Because of you, children, youth, and families have flourished in a year like no other. We are very grateful for your compassion, dedication, and financial support.

Thanks to you, our kids are meeting milestones, overcoming challenges, and achieving great things at home, at school, and in the community.


Thank you for believing in our kids!

With two words...

One word at a time

“You’ve given two children who had no voices the voices to speak through your support of therapy,” shares Karla. “And you’ve given two parents the hope of knowing our sons are valued—that their lives matter. The greatest part is that my boys have a special bond with each other because of it all. There is a joy and bright light in both of them.” 

- Parents of Jackson and Jordan


Children and youth
with special needs served




Children waiting
for therapy


staff members


Children served
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Our year at a glance


We value and embrace innovation; our approaches are continually evolving so we may serve with purpose and excellence.


We see diversity as a pathway to strength and equity, so we actively seek it out in all aspects of our work.


We are committed to providing a supportive and positive experience for all who journey with us.


We believe KidsAbility must be accessible to everyone who needs us, so we will remove barriers to services and supports that get in the way.


We know that when our organization is strong, our capacity for success
is immense.

KidsAbility Strategic Plan



KidsAbility Foundation

Strategic Plan

Invest for Impact

Investing in the wellbeing of children, youth and families is the most powerful way to build brighter futures. The partnership between KidsAbility and KidsAbility Foundation will advance priorities to ensure access to rehabilitation support and therapy services. Families will benefit from the expertise of teams, programs and resources as part of family-centred care.

Activate our Communities

KidsAbility Foundation will serve as the catalyst for community engagement by bringing people together as champions for child development. Opportunities for fundraising will span our diverse community of volunteers, donors, newcomers and stakeholders to strengthen our broader KidsAbility family.

Stengthen our Resilience

Nurturing a strong culture of philanthropy is underscored by the strength in our volunteers, Board, staff and community supporters. The Foundation will foster and strengthen its people resources with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Inspire Philanthropy

The Foundation will inform our community about the unique needs of children, youth and their families through spotlight campaigns, a compelling case for support and digital story telling experiences. We welcome new donors and provide exceptional stewardship to inspire community support so that kids can achieve great things!

Thank You

Thank you for investing in brighter futures for kids and their families!

From a place of inclusion
to a world of possibilities!

KidsAbility is a place of inclusion – it’s exactly the foundation that kids need to embrace independence, explore their world and write their own stories of possibilities.

Our families’ stories are proof that what we offer is working – and that the need to do more is as critical now as it is for the future.

“KidsAbility has been like a family, helping Leigha learn the skills she needs to communicate with her friends and us. It’s been a huge relief as parents having the team of experts to walk us through early identification and intervention of Leigha’s need for speech therapy instead of us having to figure it out on our own.”

–  Michael, Dad to Leigha

Your Impact

Thank you for entrusting KidsAbility Foundation with your gifts. Every dollar is invested in building the brightest future for kids and their families.

Fiscal Year 2020 - 2021

How Funds Are Granted:

Specialized Programs (17%)
Direct Therapy & Supports (80%)
Equipment & Materials (3%)

How Funds Are Raised:

Community Events (7%)
Foundations (34%)
Individuals (25%)
Bequests (9%)
Corporations & Organizations (20%)
Rotary & Service Clubs (5%)


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